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Scholes is a phenomenal player Cody Franson Jersey

Le 5 January 2018, 07:06 dans Humeurs 0

Scholes is a phenomenal player Cody Franson Jersey, perhaps one of the best midfielders I've ever had. Scholes for Manchester United paid too much Pekka Rinne Jersey, for which I must thank him. After the last round of competition, those "rock stars" criticized the performance of Manchester United as being less than expected, but after the game, they should have nothing to say, and I think the play Manchester United played really well . Tottenham won the New Year winning home victory: Tottenham and West Ham United 21st round of confrontation postponed to the local time on January 4 evening, so this battle with Swansea this Spurs is the first New Year's battle Kevin Fiala Jersey. Tottenham won four of the last five Premier League games, a total of 16 goals, the performance is excellent. If the field can successfully get Swansea New Year good start, and defeated West Ham in the subsequent London derby war, Tottenham is expected to approach the gap between the four and the Champions League. Tottenham has plenty of rest compared to other teams, so their performance in the field deserves some attention. With Mashal and Lingard goals, Manchester United away 2-0 win over Everton, the end of the league 3 even level, ushered in 2018 opener Mike Santorelli Jersey. After the game, Manchester United coach Mourinho interviewed by the media, he praised the goal hero, at the same time, Stern Sword back to the criticism of Pogba Pogba.

Maghaire changed the past

Le 5 January 2018, 07:06 dans Humeurs 0

Maghaire changed the past "poker face", passionate cry of callignal, but also a rare kiss the badge of the chest, went to the magic of honey also singing "Tony - Mashal" song as Respond Mike Fisher Jersey. He was so excited to understand that as he finally broke the field scoring eight goals, recorded the Premier League seventh ball of the season, the first nine goals of each event; nearly 5 times in the face of Everton, he contributed 4 goals and 2 assists , Called "toffee killer." Mussina made the change is to make Masha sudden, and the polo king for Manchester United's first record, Lingard's wonderful goal is locked 2-0 victory. After the match, the Manchester United manager said in an interview: "Our pride, our efforts, everything we do is top and we played very well. In the worst case of the case, the players did not receive Everett has five minutes and eight minutes to respond, but we've been in control of the race and I'm really happy Matt Irwin Jersey. But as if Lovren and Craven were not convinced by that statement, they were activated by Van Dijk. In this match against Burnley P.K. Subban Jersey, the first partner to become Zhongwei's Lovren and Clawdown showed a rare solidity this season, basically limited Burnley's good high-altitude bombing. Of course, the face of menacing Van Dyke, just doing the defensive job itself seems to be enough to prove that they are enough to compete with the Dutch Petter Granberg Jersey, so the two of them added to the game after work, and even grab the players in the way forward .

Maghaire was Michael-Keane

Le 5 January 2018, 07:06 dans Humeurs 0

Maghaire was Michael-Keane carried the edge line, directly hit the billboard on the sidelines, right arm some injuries, but there should be no serious problem. 4 minutes later, Jose Mourinho replaced the goal with Rushford, the polo king for the first time did not realize that after seeing the substitutions there are some surprises: "I?" But the madman let him Early stop and break have their own intentions Mike Ribeiro Jersey, as Lukaku and Ibrahim will continue to be absent, Manchester United can not afford to lose the risk of polo kings: no matter kick winger or center, "Mr. 80 million" are the most talented and talented Offensive cutlery. The madman praised Lingard: "Lingard, on the one hand, a young genius Pekka Rinne Jersey, on the other hand, is a very good player, and many are not able to do that, and they have amazingly reduced their talents to ordinary players Lingard jumped Anton Volchenkov Jersey, he is more stable, more adaptable, can understand the game better, he is walking in the right direction. Winter window has been opened, Manchester United will be how to action? Mourinho said: "I do not know the transfer of the situation and now we are in trouble Stefan Elliott Jersey, it takes two or three weeks to recover, to breathe in different ways.We can now be strengthened, or have to wait until the summer? I can not Say.

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