Manchester United House Scholes recently criticized Pogba Shea Weber Jersey, and this game Bo assists scored twice. In response, Mike Mussina retaliation ginger said: "Scholes is the only thing to do criticism, I do not think he commented, he was criticized - this is a different thing. Scholes is a phenomenal player , But not a phenomenal commentator .Pogba earn more than him Colton Sissons Jersey, this is not Pogba's fault, this is the way football .If one day he decided to coaching, I hope he can have 25% of my success. In the 22nd round of the Premier League has ended, the Reds Liverpool, with Kela Wan in the injury stoppage time goal, a tough 2-1 win over Burnley away to get the Premier League's three-game winning streak . However, Liverpool did not have to win such a thrilling adventure, if there is no low-level mistake on the defense Gomez. 2017-18 season Premier League 22nd round of the first 5 games, Stoke City home 0-1 loss to Newcastle, Ajouze sword seal throat; Brighton 2-2 flat Bournemouth Craig Smith Jersey, Knokkonde and Murray broke; Lester home 3-0 victory over Huddersfield Pontus Aberg Jersey, Albrighton and Ma Jelesi respectively, transmitting achievements.